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Flash 21 - Fuel Gelling Agent


Flash 21 is a two-part fuel gelling agent, which has proven to be very stable and effective in studies conducted by the US Forest Service. Flash 21 can be used with most commercially available fuels such as: unleaded petrol, diesel and Jet A1. Research has also shown improved gelling and ignition results under cold-weather conditions when compared to other fuel gelling agents available in today’s market.

Freezing of Flash 21A and B has no adverse effects on performance after it is thawed and subsequently mixed. Under cold weather conditions it is recommended that a 10 – 25% blend of regular unleaded petrol is used when mixing Jet A1 and diesel fuels. On the opposite end of the temperature scale: high temperatures also appear to have no adverse efect on Flash 21 performance.

Users will appreciate the ease of mixing, the fast gelling rate, and the superior viscosity stability of Flash 21. Once gelled, there is no apparent viscosity loss over time caused by temperature fluctuations, or when using different types of fuels – users can plan their operations without having to fear that unexpected delays will impact the quality and performance of their gelled fuel.

Standard Packaging:

Flash 21A and Flash 21B are packaged in one litre plastic bottles. There are 6 bottles of each component in a case. Each case weighs 15.66 Kg. 

Mixing Instructions:

It takes one bottle of Flash 21A and one bottle of Flash 21B to treat one 205-liter (55 US gallon) drum of fuel.

  • Ensure the mixing drum is free of contaminants.
  • Begin stirring fuel in the drum; add one bottle of Flash 21A.
  • Continue to stir the drum; add one bottle of Flash 21B
  • Maintain stirring action until the gel reaches the desired consistency, this normally requires less than 5 minutes.

Advantages of Flash 21:

  • Ease of mixing and superior long-term viscosity stability makes Flash 21 the preferred gelling agent in today’s market.
  • No noticeable efects from either cold or warm temperatures provide burn specialists a maximum window of operations.
  • Flash 21 provides the user with a highly consistent fuel gel mixture; it eliminates the problems of product lumping and viscosity loss commonly experienced with other available products.

For additional information on handling and safety please refer to the product labels and the Material Safety Data Sheet for Flash 21A and B.