Draw the line with PHOS-CHeK

Phos-Chek Equipment in Australia

Phos-Chek is a world-wide brand name for a range of fire fighting chemicals used to control the spread of fire – from char forming barriers to fire suppressant foam. Phos-Chek Australia distributes these fire fighting additives in Australia.

Phos-Chek Australia has invested in equipment to facilitate mixing and delivery to suitable air platforms.

“Big Red” joined “Priscilla” in the field in 2008, operating in NSW & Victoria. With an eductor capable of mixing 1,300 litres of retardant per minute, this mixer can keep up with a large Air operation. The unit comprises 21k litre Retardant mix and 14k litre water storage. To support the VLAT (Very Large Air Tanker) project Phos-Chek fabricated "Dash 10", a mixing platform capable of utilising product from bulk 1MT bags.